Home Owner Association Responsibilities

Areas of Responsibility

Maintenance and upkeep of the Common Area (private open areas) as well as the care and maintenance regarding all plants, shrubs and creepers planted in the Common Area; 

Areas of Non-Responsibility

Means every Erf that originates from the subdivision of Farm 420/2 situated in the Oostenberg Administration and Cape Division in accordance with approval given by the Oostenberg Administration.

Policing of development conditions...

All buildings erected, also future expansions, shall be approved strictly in accordance with building plans approved by the Local Authority and the Committee of Aesthetics

More About the Complex

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What do they do?

Tiscali Property Management assists Trustees of sectional title properties in the Western Cape to manage their properties affordably, efficiently and in keeping with the Sectional Title Act (Act 95 of 1986).

Services they offer

With a focus on financialadministration, maintenance and personnel management, combined with an expert hands-on approach, Tiscali has fast developed a reputation as an excellent partner for trustees of sectional title properties.