Areas of Responsibility


It is the objective of Lilydale Home Owners Association(HOA) to promote a high standard of residential development.

The main areas of responsibility of Lilydale HOA are to administer and enforce the house rules of Lilydale and the CONSTITUTION in terms of the Lilydale HOA constitution.

Some of the responsibilities are as follow, but not limited to:

Common property

Maintenance and upkeep of the Common Area (private open areas) as well as the care and maintenance regarding all plants, shrubs and creepers planted in the Common Area;

Maintenance, upkeep and improvement (if necessary) of the common areas, all services therein and any structures thereon including roads and parking areas;

The joint maintenance (shared with the Homeowners Association of Phase Two, if applicable) of the service servitude, across the adjacent Phase Two, which connects to the reservoir and also serves Phase One.

The Association shall not have the right to sell or let the Common Area.

For more information please see the consititions under the constitution section.